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AoE Publishing is a small, independent publishing house. We love books and people, and we love being able to connect these two.

During the past few years, the publishing industry has been undergoing enormous changes, and most traditional publishing is now collected under the umbrellas of only a small number of publishing houses – amalgamations that can be seen as either positive or negative, depending on the viewer and his or her perspective. At the same time, advances in digital and electronic technology are completely changing the face of publishing; changes that, in many cases, are making us reassess words like publishing, books and even readers.

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According to Nordic mythology, the first two people, Ask and Embla, were created by Oden, Höner and Lodur from two pieces of driftwood lying on the shore; one piece came from the ash, Yggdrasil – the Tree of the World – the other came from an elm. In the same way that the creation of people opened up a new dimension for the gods and creatures living on Yggdrasil, we hope our publications will open up new avenues of thought and new connections for our readers.

The realization of experience and ideas

Literature is the packaging of ideas and experiences, and all books, whether fiction or non-fiction, can be traced to an initial idea or to an experience that triggered that idea – similar to Oden, Höner and Lodur standing on the beach, looking at the two pieces of driftwood.

Life is filled with all these experiences and ideas, and no matter where we look there are countless stories wanting to be packaged. Too many of these stories disappear before they are even discovered, and it is the aim of AoE Publishing to collect at least some of them to present to you, the reader.

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Purchase update, January 2022
Recent changes to VAT and delivery charges in the EU mean that it is no longer financially possible for AoE Publishing to deliver to these countries. If you live in a EU country, you will, however, be able to purchase all our books from online bookhops (Book Depository, Adlibris, Bokia, Amazon, Fishpond... ). We regret having to take this step, but we were given no other option.

Published on the 21st December 2021, Kaleidoscope tells of one woman's quest to find herself in a world that is more male than female. Set in 1917 in western NSW, it is coloured not only by WWI but also by a past well and truly beyond the borders of Australia.

The Waiting Room
Published in May 2019. Most would agree that our perspective on things alters not only the way we live our lives but also the way we relate to our environment. But where does the line go between our perspective and reality, and to what extent does the one alter the other?

An Ambiguous Tragedy
Published in July 2016. This is a thriller that explores conflicting ideas of what is real and what is only imagined.

Art and the Monad by Keith Lincoln Cook
A new way of looking at our response to art and other external stimuli. Published 4th July 2016.

45 Days: Walking the Bibbulmun Track
Released in July 2015, this book weaves together the drama, the humour, the elation and the challenges of walking one thousand kilometres in all kinds of weather and through all kinds of terrain. A true story. Not to be missed.

Nine Lives Tarot
This is a beautiful deck of Tarot Cards by
an Australian artist. Read more about the cards, and how to oder them, under the heading Cards.

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